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All you need to know about Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand, including its history, detailed maps, visa information and weather. more

Things to Do

Fun things to see and do. Chiang Mai has a lot to offer from adventures in the jungle to sightseeing, temples and shopping. more

What is Lanna?

“Lanna” is often associated, referred to and described as Northern Thai traditions, customs, art, music, and culture. The word Lanna is actually two words combined: “Lan”, meaning a million and “Na” meaning rice field. Thus, Lanna literally translates to a million rice fields - a reference to the rich agriculture of the region. more


Whatever your tastes, Chiang Mai's restaurants offer a wide array of cuisines from around the world. more


From pubs to discos, live music to lounges, there's plenty of places to party after dark Chiang Mai. more

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