River Cruises in Chiang Mai

River Cruises in Chiang Mai

Scorpion-Tailed boats served as cargo boats sailing between the northern region and Bangkok. Almost a century ago they disappeared from the river when the northern railway-route arrived at Chiang Mai. Today they bring back to life an ancient form of transportation to serve tourists cruising along the Ping River.

River Cruise Program

Tourists arrive at the Wat Sri Khong’s boat landing where they are given a brief historical background about of the boat. The river cruise offers views of several historical places along the riverbanks, such as: a white chedi that locals call Gew in front of the municipality, a footbridge that spans the river between the oldest trading community of Wat Gate and Warorot Market, Chiang Mai’s oldest shopping center.

The Chang pier (where hundreds of elephants were used to haul logs from the river in the old days), is the site of the first city’s first bridge, first church, first post office, and many other attractions including lifestyles of the locals who live along the both sides of the river.

During the cruise, the tourists can experience the atmosphere of the past, learn stories of life along the banks of the river, hear some of the clever fishing techniques all explained by staff who specialized in this field.

The trip takes between one and half to two hours.